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We all have said we could not imagine where we would be without our cellphones. We use it so much – to send text messages, make our business phone calls, look up our e-mails, get information and even watch videos.

But we also cannot imagine where we would be without the Internet and our computers. In the world of websites, we cannot imagine being without access to websites. 

We go shopping. We get information. We go to school. We book our vacations. We go banking or plan our future. We build communities.

What if . . .

You could not order food online or your prescriptions?

What if . . .

You could not hear or understand what was being said online?

What if  . . .

You could not apply for jobs online?

What if . . .

The experience of using website . . . any website was just too exhausting and frustrating?  

Christine Laikind

Hi. My name is Christine Laikind.

I talk about web accessibility. To the Web Design community. To small businesses. To nonprofit organizations.

You may or may not have heard about web accessibility. Or Inclusive design. But anyone that has a website, web accessibility is becoming more important than ever. Why? Because, the Web and Internet as a whole is an increasingly important resource in many aspects of our life which includes: education, employment, government, e-commerce, health care, recreation, and so much more.

An accessible web will help people with “different abilities” (my term), the aging population (think baby boomers and upcoming generation X) and even those who are “temporarily disabled” use the website – the way it is intended.

Let’s talk and discuss on how we can make our digital world so much better for everyone.

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Let’s talk more about digital accessibility and inclusion.

I speak at networking groups, small business groups, conferences, nonprofits and organizations – and anyone who is interested in learning more about inclusive digital design and accessibility.