About Christine Laikind

I am an advocate for inclusion, web accessibility and equal rights.  Honestly, I am not used to being in the spotlight.

But I got propelled to the front while coming across the topic in a community that I am involved in back at home, which is WordPress Meetups.  Someone else was talking about web accessibility. At the time, I was already frustrated because it was a podcast. I am not able to hear what is being said. But the bullet points that was listed under the podcast – yes, bullet points, not a transcript – one of the bullet points made a reference about web accessibility was a “bandwagon that was not one to jump on to.”  Now, at the time, I am already irritated big time. I was pointed to this website by a colleague of mine because she thought it was interesting because this person was talking about web accessibility.  She knew I would not know what was being said, but she wanted me to see the bullet point. The “point” – she was trying to make to me was that this was being geared towards to people who design e-commerce websites. The target market of this podcast was small agencies and web designers.

Excuse me? Not a bandwagon to jump on to? I am already mad that I could NOT understand your podcast*.  And you were too lazy to provide a transcript? What’s with the bullet points? How was I to understand the topic with bullet points?

And I know that for blind people and those with mobility challenges – trying to shop online is the bane of their existence because of poorly designed e-commerce websites. I can go on about other “issues” about websites.

Needless to say, I got lit. I got fired up.

Enough is enough.

It does not matter whether you are small business or a large company, the fact that your website is not accessible is preventing US – to engage, shop for clothes or even to take care of our prescriptions, to communicate, place a resume, do our banking or investing, order food, network, learn with YOU – the business owner, organization, news organization or whatever you are.

We have the right to do so. Just like everyone else.

The way we experience it may NOT be like everyone else, but we have the right to have the access to the information, products, and opportunity just like everyone else.

That is why I am having this conversation.

*(yes, I did e-mail the podcaster and I won’t tell you what kind of response I got.)

Who am I really?

I have a BA in Graphic Design, an MBA in Business Administration.

I am an entrepreneur, founder of SCS Digital Marketing since 2003.

Live in Northern Georgia with one dog and two cats with best partner of 30 years.

Oh yeah, I was born profoundly deaf. I forgot to mention that.

I speak fairly well, and lip read well. Wear ONE digital hearing aid in my right ear by ReSound with Bluetooth technology. (Why do I mention that? It has its benefits. Ask me, I’ll tell ya.)

I do know some ASL.

Speaking Topics:

I also do:

Planners – What do I need?

The event should be accessible as possible.

CARTs should be provided (for me and for the audience) – I can recommend one or two.

No handheld microphone – I prefer clip on microphone

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